Meet the Chefs

Chef Josh Aaron: Savory Spoon (Jefferson, GA)

Chef Josh was born in Athens, GA.He is an Honors Graduate of the Art Institute of TN- Nashville with a 4.0GPA. His biggest Influence as a Chef- The late Charlie Trotter with his ability to take amazing produce, awesome meats, and various seafood to complete simplistic, but elegant dishes.

He has worked in restaurants for 15 years in Colorado, Nevada, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia. He believes that using the freshest quality ingredients is the basis of what it takes to be a true chef.

Chef Josh believes, that if you work hard, focus, and give back to your community that you will be successful, at least in your own mind — Which is one reason why Chef Josh has so generously worked with Northeast Georgia Farm to School! Wether he is making pizza from scratch with students at South Jackson Elementary or teaching knife skills to Jackson County School System’s Nutrition Staff, Chef Josh is always happy to bridge the gap between fresh food access and Northeast Georgia children.

His favorite food ingredients are wild mushrooms, any type of meat or seafood, and blackeyed or purple hull peas. If he could be a chef for a day in any place in the world he would pick Nassau, Bahamas.

Chef Josh owns and operates Savory Spoon, a local restaurant in Jefferson, Ga that features a changing menu of locally sourced items.

705 Sycamore Street
Jefferson, Ga. 30549
(706) 367-5721


Chef Chris Bolton: Harvest Habersham 

Chef Chris Harvest Habersham

At Harvest Habersham we’re dedicated to great food         that is inspired by fresh local ingredients. We work with  dozens of local farms to procure ripe ingredients and  prepare them in a way that enhances their fresh flavors.  We call this style of cooking “Genuine Food”.   Our menu  depends on the farmers, fishermen and foragers, so the  menu changes frequently based on whatever fresh ingredients are available.

harvest hab logo

Chef Chris Bolton grew up in Clarkesville and has been focused on farm to table cooking from the start of his career. It is thrilling for him to see how far the community around us has come in the last few years in terms of local food awareness and how it benefits not only our physical well-being but also the health of the local economy. What a pleasure to see this movement grow into the school system and help educate and guide the next generation back toward genuine food.  It has been an honor to work with the Farm to School staff and students.
Chef Chris has prepared delectable meals for Farm to School events and taught Farm to School Ambassadors how to make a very unique apple-mint ravioli using locally milled whole wheat, local eggs, local milk, local mint, and North Carolina apples. Enjoy your own taste of Harvest Habersham for lunch or dinner.  1362 Washington Street, Clarkesville, GA 30523, Tel: 706-754-0056, Hours: Tuesday – Friday Lunch: 11:30 – 2:00 and Tuesday – Saturday Dinner 5:30 – 9:00


Chef Jamie Allred: Fortify        

jamie With fewer households cooking from scratch these days,  kids are often missing even the most basic food  preparation skills. Recognizing that knowing how to cook  is a life skill that can help lead to healthier choices, the  Northeast Georgia Farm to School program has  partnered with local chefs to bring that knowledge into  the classroom.

Chef Jaime Allred led a hands-on cooking workshop for Habersham County’s Farm to School Youth Ambassadors. The goal of the workshop was to expose students to culinary skills using produce from local farms that they have visited. The students learned knife skills, zesting and peeling, as well as food safety and proper hand washing.   Check out the video here.

Chef Jamie finds working with students a great resource to show our future where their food comes from and how it is grown. “I enjoy providing the students the hands on experiences and teaching them what goes into preparing fresh food for consumption from washing, chopping, and cooking.  The end results are satisfying and offer great nourishment for the soul.  I think it is also great for students to see and use skills in a trade that could lead them into a career and eventually will be part of their well being as they will know how to cook for themselves fresh food compared to processed.”

A special thank you to Chef Jamie!  He has led numerous hands-on workshops for the Northeast Georgia farm to school project, including workshops with cafeteria staff and nutrition directors. Formerly the executive chef at Lake Rabun Hotel, Chef Jamie has opened his own restaurant, Fortify Kitchen and Bar, 69 North Main Street, Clayton, Ga.








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