Lettuce Eat Fresh

By: Katie Sanders FoodCorps Service Member

When trying to get fresh produce on the lunch line it can often take a good amount of planning, organization, and communication between myself and the cafeteria staff. We coordinate what produce is in season with what can be purchased at a cheaper price and in a large enough amount to feed the entire school on the lunch line. It can be a more arduous process than one might think.

However, sometimes you can skip that whole process when a day like today happens. This week at South Jackson Elementary we had an abnormally large amount of students choose to eat a side salad with their lunch which completely depleted the amount of lettuce that the cafeteria had to serve for the next day. Luckily for us our student grown school garden was currently flourishing with mixed lettuce heads! After my cafeteria manager mentioned the lettuce shortage, we were able to harvest ~6 lbs of lettuce that was promptly washed, chopped, and served fresh on the lunch line.


Look at all those beautiful greens!


Mr. Lush and our cafeteria manager, Mrs. Sinde Chambers, posing with me and our fancy lettuce. 


As always our students were extra impressed and excited to eat something that they had grown themselves and many commented on how tasty the greens were!


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