Grits and Greens!

By: Katie Sanders FoodCorps Service Member

Our first farmer visit of the year went off with great success at SJES this past week. Farmer Nathan Brett from DaySpring Farm joined three of our classes for the day to give a presentation on his farm operation and share some of his delicious produce. DaySpring Farm started in 2011 and is an 87 acre family farm operation that is a part of the Athens Farmers Market. With a mill on site for processing their grains, the Brett family is able to ensure a higher quality and healthier product. The family also has a garden space that produces some truly beautiful vegetables.


Some of the prettiest rainbow chard I’ve ever seen! 

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 1.49.51 PM

Farmer Nathan’s presentation with pictures of tractors was almost an even bigger hit than the food with 1st grade. 

Farmer Nathan brought freshly stone ground grits to share with our classes along with some gorgeous rainbow chard and collard greens. Two fifth grade classes and one 1st grade class were lucky to have the farmer visit and got to try the “grits and greens” that we cooked up. Almost every student that tried the grits loved them, including most of the 1st graders. Although one did come up to me to say, “I really liked the grits but it would’ve been much better without that green stuff.” I was really impressed and proud of all of my students that tried the grits despite the funny green stuff!


For the cooking classes that didn’t get to have the farmer visit, we made our ever popular kale smoothies. Through FoodCorps’ partnership with Vitamix we were able to use a Vitamix blender to blend up some super creamy smoothies. With that first grade class, every student that tried the smoothie liked it! If you are looking for a quick, easy, and healthy smoothie option for kids this one is a great one with just some frozen bananas, shredded kale, and apple cider all blended together.


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