Garden Learning in the Winter

By: FoodCorps Service Member Katie Sanders

Although it may not seem like we’ve had typical winter temperatures the past few days, our garden activity has been still been quite limited since our return from winter break. With that limitation, my service has involved a good amount indoor garden lessons and preparation for the upcoming spring plantings. Last week in our cooking class we made kale smoothies with our 1st grade students that included kale, apple cider and frozen bananas. Simple, yet delicious, and the students absolutely loved them! We even discussed  how our bodies use the nutrients from the apples, kale, and bananas.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 4.10.10 PM.png

Mr. Lush showing our eager students the smoothie making process.

Kindergarten has been preparing for spring planting in their own way by creating plant part posters with real seeds on them. The students will be able to take these home with them and (hopefully!) be able to grow some spring veggies when they plant them in the ground. The seeds that they glued on included lettuce variety seeds and kale seeds!

Since our return from the break the deer have still been relentless in their destruction of our garden. With the help of a wonderful donation from the local Home Depot, I was finally able to secure our garden beds with deer fencing and keep them safe. Already I see a big difference in our plants now that they are not getting chomped on every night!


The deer fencing is a little hard to see but all the better to take care of those unsuspecting deer!





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