Nature to School Connection with Wild Intelligence

by: Katie Sanders, FoodCorps Service Member

Special visitors are always exciting at our school but this week we were extra excited to have Sarah Hubbard, or Mrs. Chickadee, from Wild Intelligence join our Scienhancement class at South Jackson Elementary School. Wild Intelligence is an Athens based program that interacts with children and adults alike on nature based programs during the school year and over the summer.


Mr. Lush leading the students on the trail


Our 2nd graders eagerly listening to Mrs. Chickadee on the Nature Trail

South Jackson is blessed to have a strong support of Farm to School activities in their Scienhancement class, however it is not often that we are able to take the students out into the woods and talk about the importance of the uncultivated world as well. For each class we were able to discuss what causes the changing of the seasons as well as what effect that has on the trees themselves. Our students will be able to relay this information today about seasonal change into our regular garden learning that we will jump back into after the holiday break. It was great to be able to talk to students about trees and tree growth as they are often not included in our normal garden learning. In addition to being essential components of our natural world, trees and associated tree farms serve as major commodities that link right in to Farm to School learning as well!


Leaves as big as our 2nd grader’s hands!

We want to give a special thank you to Sarah Hubbard and Wild Intelligence for helping us create a fun day in the woods for our students. We certainly hope to have her visit with us more in the future! For more information on their programs please click here: Wild Intelligence.


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