The Good to Live For

by FoodCorps Service Member Susie Burton

I am blessed to have a childhood friend who offers thoughtful, comforting words in times of grief and fear.  This week, she wrote to remind me “how much good there will always be to live and work and fight for.”

I saw that good this week, as I went with 5th graders on a field trip to Amanda’s Farm to Fork in Lula, and as I passed out broccoli samples during two taste tests.

My students and their opportunities to learn about and eat food that nourishes their bodies and our community, no matter their race, gender identity, ethnicity or religion–that is the good for which I will continue to live and work and fight and serve.


Learning about beekeeping and the critical importance of bees in agriculture


Listening closely for a “buzz”


Thumbs up for homemade farm cheese! (I would have gotten a picture of the cheese, but we ate it quickly and completely…)


The joy of trying new things


Big broccoli, big smile


First graders trying lemon zesty broccoli


“Who wants more broccoli?”


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