Integrating into the Classroom

By: Katie Sanders, FoodCorps Service Member

Unfortunately since I was leading these lessons I wasn’t able to take photos so I will supplement with photos of our garden  and all of the awesome growth!

A main goal of mine in my service as been to start integrating my own lessons into the classroom with my students, and this week I am proud to say that I was able to do just that! In the Scienhancement class at my school I have the ability to teach with grades K-5 and base my lessons on topics that the students are covering in their other classes. This week I covered lessons with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade and I’m making plans to cover 1st and 2nd grade next week.


Cauliflower getting big and looking good! 

With our 5th graders I was able to create a lesson related to bacteria as our students will be learning about microorganisms in their science classes. To relate the topic back to the garden we did a virtual lab in class with food preservation techniques and discussed the role of dehydration, salt, and sugar in keeping food safe from bacterial invasion.


The students are fascinated by the bright colors of the beets

Our 3rd graders are learning about rocks and minerals so we showed a few song videos that teach facts about minerals and then we discussed how plants incorporate minerals from the soil into compounds that we can digest and use. The students were really interested and hopefully this topic will spread into a nutrition discussion in our next class time. Additionally, fourth grade is learning about the seasons so we discussed why the leaves are falling off trees and what that means for our garden.







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