By FoodCorps Service Member Susie Burton


Pre-K students at Cornelia Elementary and first grade students at Level Grove Elementary practiced their science and math skills by gutting some (North Carolina-grown) pumpkins and exploring.

Pre-K students learned about the lifecycle of a pumpkin plant, and filled their opened pumpkins with soil.  They’ll watch as the seeds start to sprout and grow and the original pumpkin begins to decay.

First graders extracted the slimy, slippery seeds from their pumpkins, and grouped them in tens and hundreds, practicing their knowledge of place values and skip-counting.  They also filled their pumpkins with soil and watered them with care.  By reading Pumpkin Circle by George Levenson, the students discovered the different parts of a pumpkin plant, so they’ll know what to keep an eye out for in the coming weeks.




That’s a lot of seeds!  Good thing we know how to group by 10s and 100s!


As per usual, lessons in the outdoor classroom let us practice working in groups


Seed-from-slime extraction


math+messes=happy students


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