Spinach, Finally!

By: FoodCorps Service Member Katie Sanders

With October starting to wind down and next week being the last week of October Farm to School month I was hoping to have lots of spinach with which my students could do lots of activities with, however the weather seemed to have another plan. Record high temperatures for this time of year have given spinach, our Farm to School plant of the month, a rough start. Despite multiple seeding efforts at both of my schools and some feelings of increasing doubt that my spinach would never grow, it wasn’t until about a week ago that we saw real improvement in our spinach crop and now we have sprouts!


Our spinach sprouts enjoying the sunshine

Rejuvenated by these little leaves popping up all over our raised beds, we decided to host a green themed cooking class with spinach as our main focus. As a class we made spinach and cheese quesadillas which the students were allowed to fix up with sautéed peppers and/or salsa verde. Each pair of students was able to create their own quesadilla however they liked and they used math skills to figure out how to divide the 1/4 cup of cheese they were given evenly on their tortilla. The quesadillas were a major hit and we’ve even had multiple students say that they have since made them at home with their families!


The students were extra excited about the raw spinach bowl and were sneaking bits of raw spinach when they thought we weren’t looking…    Photo credit: Mr. Stephen Lush 

As fall decided to return to the South today, we were even able to plant some more spinach with our kindergarteners. These students did an awesome job of using math skills in the garden as they planted seeds every 2 inches and they practiced adding by 2’s. Each student in the group took turns answering their math question, planting three seeds, and covering the seeds up with soft pat and good growing wish!


So, finally, after almost the whole month went by, we were able to fully embrace our Farm to School plant and really get the students involved with spinach and the different ways we can eat and enjoy it!


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