Taste of South Event

From FoodCorps service member Katie Sanders 

October 3rd at South Jackson Elementary was an exciting day as it was the date of the 6th Annual Taste of South event. Mr. Lush, the science-focused garden-based education teacher at South Jackson, organizes this event every year in order to bring together local farmers, artisans, and producers together in order to be able to interact with students and their families, in addition to others in the community. With live music from local bands, tastings from local chefs, and fresh produce from local growers, it was certainly a great event for this FoodCorps member. Lucky for me I even got to man the photo booth with my supervisor Molly. Of course everyone knows that no event is complete without a photo booth!


My supervisor Molly and I put radishes in our hair to add a little something extra to our photo booth experience.



South Jackson’s Principal, Mrs. Brooksher, and Assistant Principal, Mrs. Pennington, enjoying the photo booth.


As seen in the pictures above it was incredibly rewarding to see the school administration engaging with the students in this capacity in order to celebrate food. It was a great opportunity for me to see my students outside of the classroom and to get the chance to meet their parents and share the message of FoodCorps with them. This allowed me to gather together potential parent volunteers to help with our new Health and Wellness committee that we will be forming at the school as well!

I am already feeling very connected to my new FoodCorps schools and students! I am loving getting them all excited about food and I hope to get to be a part of more events like Taste of South throughout this year.

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