Children and the Corn

Taste Tests in Barrow County Schools

Students at Bramlett Elementary and Apalachee High schools, both a Georgia Test Kitchen school, participated in taste tests to taste Georgia Grown Skillet Sauteed Corn. The corn used came from Herndon Farms in Lyons, GA.

Bramlett Elementary: This was the first official taste test for Bramlett.  Students tasted the corn as they were coming into the cafeteria for lunch. Ellen McCully, nutrition manager, made corn stalks with construction paper and handed these to each class. The students were given these when they returned to their classrooms and wrote “yes” or “no” and later turned back into the cafeteria. The majority who voted liked the corn. Some even added a few comments such as:  I loved it. It was seasoned very well. Thank you for the amazing corn. It was the best corn I ever had. I loved it so much. I liked it because it was so sweet. I like it because of the time (thyme). I liked it because of the herbs. I liked it because it was awesome……. There were more comments but you get the idea!

Apalachee High:  Each month, Mary Maples, nutrition manager, will send out an email to all teachers asking who would like for us to come to their classroom and have the taste test. We usually visit 7-8 classrooms. This can be anywhere from 200-240 students. We take maybe 10 minutes of the classroom time. We explain how we are a taste test kitchen for the state and are sent recipes to try with the students. Students fill out a taste test form on whether they like it or not. We ask them if they don’t like it, what does it need or does it need less of something etc. We then pass on the info to Misty Freidman.

 Click on the continue reading link below for more photos of the delicious tastings!








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