FoodCorps GA visits Level Grove Elementary

by FoodCorps Service Member Susie Burton

Last week, the nine FoodCorps Georgia service members, the FoodCorps GA Fellow, Sumer Ladd, and the Farm to School Director of Georgia Organics, Emily Cumbie-Drake, visited Level Grove Elementary, one of my schools here in Habersham County.  I was so excited to show of LGES to FoodCorps, and vice versa.

FoodCorps GA had a day of training at the school, which included meeting the LGES farm to school team, hearing from Habersham’s school nutrition director about her local procurement efforts, and teaching a lesson with 2nd graders in the LGES garden.

Rather than present to you the minutiae of our busy training day, I’ll let Sumer Ladd’s gorgeous photos tell the story.



A beautiful (and delicious and nutritious) chef salad, served to the FoodCorps visitors by the LGES cafeteria staff


Enjoying lunch with Andrea Thomas and Damen Ledford of Habersham County School Nutrition


FoodCorps service member Dasia Harmon (who serves with Captain Planet Foundation in Atlanta) works with a 2nd grade student to practice skip-counting seeds


Seeds, seeds, so many seeds!


FoodCorps Service Members Tiffany Jones (of HABESHA in Atlanta) and Kana Miller (of Athens Land Trust) read The Vegetables Go to Bed, to inspire students’ own garden-based narrative writing


Taking the task of “writing in the garden” seriously


Service Member Gregory Lafortune (Captain Planet Foundation) helps students plant kale seedlings to learn about plant life cycles


Learning through an experiential science lesson, getting outside, and helping prepare the garden for fall? Not a bad Wednesday



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