Habersham’s Fourth Graders Learn about Food Miles


The annual Habersham Farm Bureau Kids Farm Day took place today at the Habersham County Fairgrounds.  The Farm Bureau invites every fourth grader in Habersham County to participate in over a dozen hands-on farm related activities every year.  Susie Burton, the Habersham FoodCorps Service Member and Megan Connolly, the Mountain Region’s Childhood Nutrition Coordinator, co taught a lesson on Food Miles.  In this hands-on activity, students learned how far a typical tomato travels and how far a local tomato travels.  The students learned that a tomato coming from California may travel 1,400 miles.  An explanation of exactly where that tomato goes was provided: first from the farm, then to the processor, then to the distributor and finally to the consumer.  They also learned that a tomato from Osage Farms in Rabun County only traveled 37 miles to the Fairgrounds and went directly from the farmer to the consumer.  Through this activity the students learned about the economic, nutritional and environmental benefits of local agriculture.


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