Reaping Rewards of the Season

by Susie Burton

Spring has sprung, and students at Cornelia Elementary are reaping the rewards of the season and their hard work in the garden! On May 11th, the fifth grade harvested all the bok choy and kale growing in CES’ school garden–they harvested almost 15 pounds of greens (plus one beet)! Students and teachers spent the day making a salad with the bok choy, mustard and radish greens from some students’ individual container gardens, and strawberries from Northeast Georgia Locally Grown.  They used the kale to make kale, banana, and apple smoothies.  The students toured the building offering samples to administrators, other teachers, and staff to thank everyone for their support for farm to school this year.  It was a day to celebrate the success of the students in the garden.  Of course, as every gardener knows, the harvest of one season means it’s time to plant for the next.  The students wrapped up the day in the garden, planting peppers, tomatoes, and cilantro to grow over the summer.


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