Level Grove Elementary Soil Education by Susie Burton

In March, Joni Kennedy of Melon Head Farms (Clarkesville, GA) visited Level Grove Elementary School to speak to third graders about soil.  The third graders were just finishing up their soil unit, so they flexed both their newfound scientific knowledge and their speaking and listening skills by interviewing Farmer Joni.  Students drafted questions for Farmer Joni about her farm in general, the crops she grows, and the roles healthy soil plays on her farm.  Particular attention was given to crafting open-ended and specific questions.  My heart skips a beat when I hear nine-year-olds throwing out terms like “erosion management” and “soil microorganisms”!  You just can’t beat kids learning about local agriculture, soil science, and how to participate in respectful and productive conversation, all in one 40 minute class period.

Many thanks to Joni Kennedy for visiting and for giving the students a way to engage with what they’re learning in the classroom in a multi-faceted, meaningful way!


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