In Defense of Food at RCMS

Megan Connolly, FoodCorps service member, brings In Defense of Food curriculum to Rabun County Middle School: 11x14b-eat-food-cutlery
“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Michael Pollan, an author, journalist, activist and professor, offers these seven words as an answer to the frequently asked question:  What should I eat?  A great deal of harm has been done to people’s health from the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is characterized by a diet high in red meat, sugary desserts, high-fat foods and refined grains.  There is a startling increase in rates of obesity, diabetes 2, cardiovascular issues and other western diseases that are plaguing ourselves and our families.
The film, In Defense of Food, which premiered on PBS on December 29, 2015, offers an explanation of where and when the American food system went wrong and what we can do to increase our health and well-being despite the abundance and affordability of unhealthy foods.   The film is an adaptation of the book In Defense of Food written by Michael Pollen. The film is available for viewing on the PBS website.
As part of my service as a Food Corps member, I frequently teach nutrition and culinary lessons in the Rabun County public schools.  I have recently started teaching one after school lesson a month at Rabun County Middle School.  I was absolutely thrilled to find that a companion curriculum to In Defense of Food was created specifically for middle school after school programs! If interested in downloading the curriculum, please visit In Defense of Food Middle School Curriculum.
The In Defense of Food curriculum was created to help students learn why it is important to eat healthfully, investigate how food companies influence their food choices and create action plans for changing their eating habits. I will be integrating the first In Defense of Food lesson in January and will continue once a month through May.

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