Chef Jamie Visits RCMS 7th Grade Class


Renowned Chef Jamie Allred, co-owner of Fortify in downtown Clayton, visited Mrs. Darnell’s 7th grade Language Arts class at Rabun County Middle School this week. As part of Northeast Georgia Farm to School’s mini-grant program each school team was given a stipend to invite a chef or farmer to their school. Mrs. Darnell is an active member of the RCMS team, and invited Chef Jamie to come teach a cooking lesson to her class. Students had the opportunity to learn about Chef Jamie’s personal story of becoming a chef as well as the story of his successful restaurant. He was a chef in Asheville, NC for many years and then became the executive chef at The Lake Rabun Hotel. Last year he was finally able to open his dream farm-to-table restaurant, Fortify, which sources from a range of local farms and is one of the top 100 restaurants in the country. Chef Jamie related his personal experience in the farm-to-table movement to the economic and environmental benefits of purchasing food locally. He also explained to students why he uses organic vegetables and fruits as much as possible.

After learning about Jamie’s background students cooked kale chips. They helped Chef Jamie prepare kale as he explained to the class how to make two kale chip recipes: baked parmesan kale chips and chocolate kale chips. To our surprise students preferred the baked parmesan chips!

We are lucky to have talented chefs in our community who care about spreading their knowledge of cooking with whole foods to kids.

Below is the handout Jamie prepared for Mrs. Darnell’s students. It explains the health benefits of kale and has the two kale chip recipes.

F2S Kale


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