Cooking with the Chef: FoodCorps Edition

As new members of the food and farming community of Northeast Georgia, Megan and Susie have had many trainings to prepare them for success as the region’s FoodCorps service members this year. This past week they had a cooking class with Chef Chris from Harvest Habersham where they learned knife skills and how to season and flavor food. The knife skills lesson was especially relevant to cooking with students in the classroom because it was centered around chopping, slicing, and proper handling and technique when using a knife. This is valuable knowledge for those getting started with cooking. During this session, they were also able to cook with an induction burner, which is found in the mobile cooking carts received by schools, to make a fall harvest ratatouille.
2015-10-06 16.20.14 (1)2015-10-13 15.54.31

During the second session Megan and Susie learned some good ways to season and flavor food without using salt. Chef Chris had a beautiful array of fresh herbs, spices, and fresh ginger root, which they used to make a coconut, winter squash soup.

Susie and Megan shared with us what they learned from cooking with this talented local chef and how they will use this knew knowledge in the schools.

Susie Burton: “The most valuable things 2015-10-06 16.35.13I learned during our sessions with Chef Chris were knife skills (who knew you were supposed to grip the blade?) and how to work with fresh herbs and spices. I can’t wait to share his tips about adding flavor without adding sodium with school nutrition staff. Chef Chris is a fantastic teacher, and I’m so thankful we had the opportunity to work with him.”

2015-10-06 17.15.52Megan Connolly: “In a total of four hours of cooking with Chris of Harvest Habersham I feel that my cooking skills have tremendously increased. I had no idea prior to this training how to properly hold a knife, or how to utilize a knife efficiently. I was inspired by Chris’ emphasis on creativity in the kitchen as opposed to following a recipe. This made the whole experience especially tasty, colorful and interesting. Chris’ ability to teach in a clear, creative way has already influenced how I teach students in the classroom.”


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