Welcome NEGA FoodCorps Service Members!

Northeast Georgia Farm to School’s second round of FoodCorps service members arrived September 1st eager to start working in Rabun and Habersham schools. Keep reading to get to know a little bit about Megan and Susie’s backgrounds in agriculture.
Megan Connolly, Rabun County 
Megan is originally from Chicago, Illinois, but has spent much of her adult life in Vermont where she studied Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont and worked in the field of sustainable agriculture. She spent last year working at Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton, GA where she helped develop their garden program. Megan learned about the complexity of the global food system through a University of Vermont course on Hunger and Food Insecurity, which further inspired her to work in sustainable agriculture and ultimately led her to become a FoodCorps service member. Megan chose to serve in Northeast Georgia because she sees great potential for the farm to school movement in the region, and loves that the area is full of great hiking and paddling!
In the future, Megan hopes to work at an educational farm, offering classes in growing food, nutrition, herbalism and carpentry.
Susie Burton, Habersham County 
Susie is originally from St. Louis, Missouri, and recently graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies and Spanish Literature from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. Susie believes that successful local food systems are a solution to several social justice, environmental, public health, and rural economic problems. Volunteering for six weeks on a diversified farm in rural Costa Rica, she was exposed to a wide array of ideas and attitudes about work, food, farming, and human relationships with the natural world. She is looking forward to using the knowledge she gained during her service year in Northeast Georgia. She chose to serve in this region because she wanted to serve somewhere rural where she could use her Spanish skills. She also loves the outdoors, and has family in the region. When asked what she is looking forward to most this year, she responded, “Getting to know and learning from the beautiful people of this beautiful region. And eating locally grown Georgia food, of course!”
In the future, Susie sees herself working in agricultural policy and/or advocacy for small-scale agricultural producers. She would also like to own a small-scale agricultural business of her own.

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