September: Teacher Spotlight

IMG_3779Mr. Rob Roberts is a Rabun Elementary School Parapro. He teaches special education students, helps with the after school program, and oversees the elementary school garden. His favorite lessons include taking students into the garden, cooking with students, or doing some other food education related activity. This month he taught a corn lesson for after school program kids. Mr. Roberts first spoke about the biology, history, and current uses of corn. Then, students went outside where they participated in corn shucking and corn grinding. Each student shucked two ears of Osage corn that was then cooked for them by cafeteria staff the following school day for dinner. Rhonda Williams, Farm Bureau volunteer, brought dried corn and a corn grinder for students to learn how corn turns into cornmeal. The students loved Mr. Robert’s lesson, and one student even said, “I love farming! I’m going to be a farmer when I grow up.”


Mrs. Holly Skinner is a 5th grade math and science teacher at Cornelia Elementary School. She’s the leader of the school’s NEGA Farm to School mini-grant team, and has jumped right in to Farm to School activities. She’s actively planning the installation of their garden beds, and she and her students have already started growing carrots, radishes, lettuce, and other seedlings in her window boxes and the window boxes of her fellow teachers (both to access more light and to get more teachers on board with the garden project). She also dressed up and acted out a skit of her own designing to promote the apple taste test on September 18th at Cornelia.


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