Aw Shucks Day!

Rabun County second graders started the beginning of the school year with an extra special event… Corn shucking! It is hard for school cafeteria’s to serve fresh corn to IMG_1224kids because it is labor intensive to shuck it. This has given school nutrition directors the idea to host an event that educates students about corn and allows them to eat it fresh in the cafeteria. Rabun County School Nutrition Director, Cindi Dean, organized “Aw Shucks Day!” at the primary school last week with help from her produce distributor, August Produce, and fellow colleagues.
On Wednesday, August 26th, about 350 IMG_1247second graders came class by class to shuck two ears of corn each. The corn was donated
by Osage Farm and delivered by August Produce. What would have taken cafeteria staff hours to shuck, took the second graders about 1 hour. For some students it was the first ear of corn they had ever shucked, and all of them were enthusiastic to be a part of what
was being served on their lunch tray.

Cafeteria staff and volunteers helped IMG_1277 - Copyeach table of kids with the shucking, and washed and prepared the ears of corn for the next day. On Thursday, August 27th, primary school students enjoyed the fresh corn for lunch, and, according to Cindi Dean, students who normally bring a lunch didn’t just so they could eat the corn. It was a fun event for all involved – school personnel, volunteers, teachers, and students!


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