Support Our Future Farmers!

In recent decades the average age of farmers in the United States has been increasing because of young people leaving farms for other forms of employment. However, there is a new wave of young people interested in getting back to the land and farming delicious, wholesome food for our communities. Amber, Emma, and Carson – UGA and Toccoa Falls College undergraduate students – are among this group of young people, and they have been sharing their farm knowledge with our immediate community for the summer through their internship with Melonhead Farm. All three of them are in the process of getting their degrees in agriculture and sustainability related fields like Sustainable Community Development, Horticulture, and Agriscience and Environmental Systems. Though their career goals vary, they would all like to bring their love for farming and sustainable agricultural practices to what they do.

These three women are aware that farming is a labor intensive field, often with a small profit, and that they will probably face challenges entering the field. Unfortunately, as students, there is the potential to be at a further financial disadvantage as a result of student loans. In an effort to meet their goal of graduating without loans so they can enter their career paths debt-free, they are holding a fundraiser on Saturday, August 1st at the Clarkesville Farmer’s Market from 9 AM – 12 PM. They will have a booth where they will be selling a mixture of baked goods (allergy-friendly/vegan options available), lotions and soaps, and handmade crafts. All items will be made solely by Amber, Emma, and Carson in their pursuit of sustainable living practices. Stop by to speak to these incredible young women about their future endeavors and support our future farmers to make a better and healthier tomorrow! SSS Fundraiser


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