Big City Butchery

Northeast Georgia FoodCorps Service Member, Ian Rossiter, recently received the amazing opportunity to travel to New York City to earn his Sustainable Meat Certificate through the Natural Gourmet Institute. Over the course of ten days, Ian will be working with the expert staff of Dickson’s Farmstand Meats to explore the full practice of local meat sourcing and butchery as it goes from farm to butcher shop.
photo 2-2
Ian says:
“I was really excited to get this hands-on experience guided by some of the best butchers in the business! Not only have I been learning a bunch of technical skills involved with zero-waste whole animal processing and use (which I hope to apply in my own meat processing adventures one day!), but hearing and seeing how the folks at Dickson’s are connected to the animals and farms they source from has been really encouraging as well as enlightening. The same thoughtful and well planned procurement process the shop goes through could be quite similarly applied to local school systems.”
We look forward to Ian sharing his knowledge and skills with us when he returns! 

One thought on “Big City Butchery

  1. Jennie says:

    Hi Ian – Could you host an info program for the community? We’d love to hear more about that “cutting edge” experience. Jennie

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