Farmer of the Month: MtnHoney

Virginia Webb


Virginia Webb, of MtnHoney in Clarkesville, GA, is a huge contributor to the Northeast Georgia Farm to School program and to local agriculture. She and her husband, Carl Webb, are full time commercial beekeepers and certified Russian bee breeders. Virginia is a third generation beekeeper and is the only individual in the U.S. to hold three master beekeeper certifications. Last summer, Virginia was awarded the Eastern Apiculture Beekeeper of the Year.

Virginia enjoys the beekeeping business and especially getting to work with agricultural groups to speak about the importance of honey bees to agriculture. She explains that agriculture cannot survive without honey bees, and the value of pollination from honey bees to agriculture exceeds $15 billion annually. Over the years, pollinator numbers have decreased drastically, and more should be done to preserve the lives of pollinators because of their value to agriculture.

She has been very involved with the Northeast Georgia Farm to School Program and has provided the schools with her knowledge and award winning* honey for taste tests. This month, students at Rabun County Elementary compared two types of MtnHoney, Tupelo and Sourwood, during the NEGA Farm to School taste test. Next month, Wilbanks Middle School students will get to do the same. The students love getting to sample her honey and ask her “swarms” of questions about bees (they’re pretty fascinating insects, after all!).

“It is really good to see healthy food presented to children;” says Virginia, “the NEGA Farm to School program gives farmers the opportunity to become more involved in young people’s lives and introduces young people to foods they might otherwise not have the opportunity to try or be willing to try.” She is also impressed by the schools and their administration to encourage this program because it is an important step to helping children make healthy, nutritional choices and create better students.

“Local honey reflects the flavor of the land where you live,” she says. Residents of this area are fortunate because the northeast Georgia Mountains are a prime location for producing delicious honey.

You can learn more about the Webbs’ delicious honey online at You can purchase MtnHoney from the honey stand at their home, 349 Gastley Road, Clarkesville, GA 30523.

*MtnHoney received the first ever American Good Foods Award for honey just this month. MtnHoney has also been crowned the Best Honey in the World at the World Honey Show three times!


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