Rabun County School Garden

Rabun Co Garden2

Plans for a Rabun County Schools Farm to School Garden have been APPROVED! Through the efforts of Rabun County School Superintendent, Melissa Williams, Facility Manager, Wesley Taylor, Nutrition Director, Cindi Dean, FoodCorps Service Members, Rabun County community partners and local volunteers, the installation of an amazing school community garden is right on the horizon. “Wait… School Community Garden? Which one is it? A school garden or a community garden?” I’m glad you asked! With all the Rabun County schools positioned so neatly together on Wildcat Hill, this provides the perfect opportunity for a centrally located educational garden shared among the Primary, Elementary, Middle and High School, hence the “school community” title. This shared garden offers numerous opportunities including connecting students between different grade levels, being lower maintenance due to its shared nature, and offering the option of a mini fieldtrip to everyday school lessons.

The overall benefits of school gardens are numerous, widespread, and well documented: Gardening improves student academic performance and promotes healthy eating habits. Schools gain an engaging and therapeutic environment beneficial to students and teachers alike. These positive effects seen in students and schools immediately radiates to the surrounding community by fostering new relationships and raising awareness to local agriculture and natural environments. With all this win-win-win business, why wouldn’t you build a school garden!

So here is the plan. With a design approved by the schools, community, and farm-to-school partners, a team of volunteers will assemble at our rather picturesque build site on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 19th, 2015) for what is sure to be an amazing day of community service, enjoy a hot local grown lunch, and a universal sense of accomplishment! That’s it… one day split into two 2 hour work sessions is all it should take for us to construct and plant out 6 raised grow beds, 1 outdoor classroom, 1 entrance pergola, a 60 foot muscadine trellis, and of course a garden sign. If this sounds ambitious to you, then do your part and come out on MLK Jr. Day! If this sounds like its too easy, then show us how it’s done and come out on MLK Jr. Day! Everyone in invited and . For more information on how to volunteer, contact Ian Rossiter : ian.rossiter@foodcorps.org See you in January!


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