Academic Coaches Taking Farm to School into Classrooms

academic coachesAcademic Coaches, Donna Roberts, Lana Jones and Cathy Kastner coordinate the food and garden lessons that are taught to students by the FoodCorp service members. 58 middle school classes have been taught the last two months thanks to these ladies!

Academic coaches support teachers and students through training, modeling, and providing resources to promote literacy in all academic areas. They analyze school-wide data to help make instructional decisions, direct the RTI (Response to Intervention) program, which ensures all students have the support needed for academic success, and advocate for all school initiatives.

The Academic Coaches are members of the Farm to School leadership team and coordinate the food lessons that are taught to students by the FoodCorps service members.  “Since Farm to School has been apart of the Habersham schools, students are more aware of where the food they eat comes from. This knowledge allows them to be more involved in the choices they make about eating and overall understand the process foods go through to make it onto a plate. Ultimately we are creating the next generation of consumers. My hope is that our students become sustainers of food, make wiser and healthy choices due to education about food, and help grow an appreciation of where our food comes from” says Donna Roberts.


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