Welcome Our New Farm to School Chef Gigi

gigiChef Geleta G. “Gigi” Hunt has discovered the wonderful world of fresh fruits and vegetables and wants to share her discovery with local students. Fresh fruits and vegetables not only quell our hunger and provide our nutrition, but they provide opportunities for creativity, for social events and for expressing our individual heritage. Almost everyone remembers unique and special meals or dishes.

Sometimes these memories focus on the warm and comforting feelings that we had when we ate with family and relatives. Perhaps the event was a celebration. Maybe we got to know someone better, when we ate the food that was from our new friend’s cultural background, and we saw for the first time what our friend ate at their house. Then there are those obscure and tasty ingredients that we have never eaten before but are brave enough to try. Food even can be used to increase our bodily stamina and strength and combat some illnesses. Many of these benefits can exist in wonderfully prepared school lunches as well.

These aspects of the world of food have fueled Chef Gigi’s passion to “explore”, “experiment” and best of all “eat”. She recently graduated from Culinary School where she learned the ropes. A great opportunity then presented itself for Chef “Gigi” to live in New Orleans for a few months and train with some of the most highly acclaimed Creole and Contemporary French New Orleans chefs. She now works on weekends at Glen Ella Inn and Restaurant as a cook.

Chef Gigi is eager to share her background of working with fresh fruits and vegetables with our local students. As someone who has had lifelong involvement with Southern home cooking, Chef Gigi believes that the tried and true methods and recipes for our Southern fruits and vegetables are treasures that should continue to be cherished, but that many new tastes and flavor blends are just waiting to be prepared and enjoyed. Her dishes are a combination of old favorites and dishes with innovative twists. Our best meals are ahead of us, and our students should be a part of it all.   Get ready to “explore”, “experiment” and “eat”!


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