Farmer of the Month – October 2014: Mountain Fresh Creamery

Got Local Milk . . . We Do! Dairy Farmers Scott  & Jennifer Glover

Got Local Milk . . . We Do!                                     Dairy Farmers Scott and Jennifer Glover

The beginning of the story of Mountain Fresh Creamery is much like the rise of other small farm operations that make the future of agriculture in Georgia so exciting. Scott Glover, a fourth-generation dairy farmer, along with his wife Jennifer started a family owned and operated business in 2011 with a vision of providing minimally processed dairy products to the local community.  Mountain Fresh Creamery in Clermont now serves customer-ready products from their 90 cattle farm Glo-Crest Dairy.

“Our goal is to get the highest-quality product to our local community” Glover commits. To get fresh milk, the Glovers milk their cows twice a day. The milk gets pumped into a refrigerated tanker truck and travels six miles up the road to the creamery, where it gets processed. “It is possible for a customer to purchase a gallon of milk that was in our cow twenty-four hours ago. I call that fresh.”

“Our milk is pasteurized but non-homogenized. We only pasteurize to 145 degrees (Fahrenheit). This lower temperature process leaves the fat particle whole and leaves much of the good bacteria in the milk” says Scott Glover.  Homogenization is a process during which milk is forced through tiny nozzles at high pressures. As a result, fat particles are sheared into pieces small enough that they stay suspended in the milk, giving the milk a uniform look and flavor. Glover asserts that homogenization of milk makes it less wholesome, saying that milk from Mountain Fresh Creamery is easier to digest because it is not over-processed. Not homogenizing the milk also leads to a difference in flavor.  “Our milk is a delicious beverage that contains the nutrients and minerals that children’s growing bodies need,” says Jennifer Glover.

Habersham and Rabun County middle school students favored the taste of the Glover’s local milk at their monthly Farm to School taste test. Each student had the opportunity to meet Farmer Scott, taste his milk, then vote if they wanted his product in their cafeteria. “We are very excited about being a part of the Farm to School program” says Jennifer.  “Great things are happening in our area with the local food movement. I love to see children become excited to know where their food comes from. I hope the program continues to grow and more school systems will strive to feed their students the best they can everyday.

The public can purchase Mountain Fresh Creamery products at the creamery on Highway 129 in Clermont in addition to 25 retailers in North Georgia.  To see the locations go to


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