From Local Mill to Cafeteria Cornbread

From Local Cornmeal to Cafeteria Cornbread

Linda Johnson, Sylvan Falls Miller, working with Habersham nutrition staff in preparing cornbread for the middle school students.

Linda Johnson is our Farm to School Northeast Georgia miller – a person who owns and operates a mill that grinds grain into flour and corn into cornmeal. Her mill, Sylvan Falls Mill, is located in Rabun Gap off Taylors Creek Road surrounded by a scenic waterfall and sweet smelling rhododendrons. Linda is not only a miller but a baker and educator. She like many of our Farm to School farmers enjoys the sharing of their expertise with others. Linda often volunteers her time to train school cafeteria staff on the how to cook with the mill’s products. Linda also enjoys sharing her products with the students during tours of the mill and cafeteria taste test.  “It is important to me to pay forward the knowledge of how food comes to our table to the next generation” says Linda. Find out more about Sylvan Falls Mills by visiting:


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