Farm to School at Habersham Farm Bureau Farm Day

Farm Bureau Farm Day Photo

The tension built as the apple went from the Farmer to the Processor to the Distributor and finally to the Cafeteria Worker at the elementary school. Students in the audience gasped aloud as they watched the apple being served to the student at the table. “Is she really going to eat it?” they asked. The student at the table picked up the apple, paused, took a bite, chewed and smiled.  Yes, she ate it and she liked it!

This scene repeated itself thirteen times at station twelve, the Farm to School A is for Apple Challenge. This role-playing game was part of the half-day Habersham County Farm Bureau’s Farm Day, which was held Friday, September 5th at the Chattahoochee Mountains Fair Grounds in Clarkesville. All 550 fourth graders from the public and private schools in Habersham County attended the event.

The Farm to School A is for Apple Challenge involved eight students from groups of approximately 40 students. They played roles depicting how an apple gets to the student’s cafeteria tray at imaginary Habersham Elementary School. The roles included School Nutrition Director, Farmer, Farm Worker, Apple Tree, Processor, Distributor, Cafeteria Worker and Student. Role players – and the apple – moved from the Orchard to the Board of Education to the Food Hub to the Warehouse to the school.

Volunteers Mary and Jim Edder and Tanya Smith worked with Jennie Inglis to help students play their roles and move through the game. Teachers left Farm Day with apples from Chattooga Belle Farms in Longcreek, SC, one of the local farms supporting Farm to School in Northeast Georgia.


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