Awww Shucks! Commerce, Ga

Awww Shucks Photo

Commerce Primary Students Shucking Corn with Nutrition Director Susan Harvin.

Thanks to Commerce School Nutrition Director, Susan Harvin, Osage Farm, community volunteers and FFA students, 600 Pre-K through 4th grade students had the opportunity to shuck and eat Northeast Georgia corn.

“I overheard one student telling his classmates ‘nobody bring their lunch tomorrow cause we’re eating our corn!’” said Harvin. “I wanted to give the students the experience of learning about a Georgia grown vegetable. Teachers were given lessons plans and facts about corn to incorporate in the classroom. Students then had the “hands-on” lesson about how corn grows and how to shuck. The next day students enjoyed the fresh shucked corn with their school lunch. Many students thought corn just comes out of a can. Now they know differently” smiles Harvin.

“I believe that the Farm to School program can be such a positive experience for students both from an educational and nutritional standpoint. As the School Nutrition Director, I am in the schools during meal time, and I am concerned about students not eating their vegetables. Often they go in the trash without even tasting them. We need to change the attitude students have about eating vegetables. With the installation of 15 raised beds last year, students had the opportunity to take vegetables from the seed to the plate. We have had students trying vegetables for the first time because they grew and harvested them!

Aw Shucks Day” is another way to help keep that excitement alive” exclaims Harvin. Harvin is continually seeking ways to support local economy and farmers by purchasing their fresh produce to serve in Commerce cafeterias.


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