Meet Habersham’s New Aggie – Kasey Moody

Kasey Moody will begin her agriculture education – teaching career at Hilliard A. Wilbanks middle school this year. Kasey’s background varies from many agriculture education teachers for she did not grow up on a farm or have any agriculture experiences until she was in middle school. “My excitement and appreciation for agriculture and the Future Farmers of America (FFA) all sprung from having passionate teachers who opened the door and shared with me the world of agriculture” say Ms. Moody. “I was a very active member of the FFA all throughout middle school and high school. I competed in several Career Development Events, being most successful in the leadership event of job interview as a National Finalist.

Kasey Moody2a“I’m a direct representation of what agricultural education can do for a student. I cannot picture my life without the impact that agricultural education had. I developed life skills, traveled places I never dreamed of going and developed life long friendships. I not only have a passion for teaching agriculture, but I appreciate it. I want to share that with students and help them develop an appreciation themselves. I want to help them understand that food does not come straight from the grocery store and the importance of agriculture in our daily lives,” says Kasey.

Wilbanks Middle School, where Kasey will be teaching, was the lead pilot school for the Habersham County Farm to School program. They presently have twelve raised bed gardens, fruit orchard and a rainwater collection system for irrigation. “I am looking forward to working with the Farm to School program. I love witnessing the connect that Farm to School brings to the students. It is amazing how this program really helps students see where their food comes from. I love seeing students work in the school gardens and see just how food grows. To help students understand that most of the food we eat comes from farms we better prepare students for learning about the main steps in our food system and being appreciative consumers. The program is also a great way to work with local farmers and develop relationships with them” reflects Kasey.

Kasey graduated from the University from Georgia recently with a Bachelors of Science in Agricultural Education.


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