Student Spotlight June 2014: James Barron


At this writing, James Barron is probably indulging in the freedom of summer and rarely thinking about returning to Wilbanks Middle School as an 8th grader.  James was one of thirteen Farm to School (F2S) Ambassadors during this past school year.  In May, just before school let out, James said that as an Ambassador, next year he looks forward to, “Helping more people have better food at school.”
James became a F2S Ambassador while in sixth grade.  Since that time, he has helped with taste tests at the cafeteria, visited farms that provide food to the school such as Trillium Farm in Clarkesville, helped tend the Wilbank’s vegetable gardens, and participated in cooking experiences with Chefs Jamie and Lindsey.
One of the most exciting things for James as a F2S Ambassador has been getting to see restaurants, kitchens and all, and learning how to cook.  The field trip to Grapes & Beans in Clayton is a great example.  Under the instruction of Chef Whitney, James worked with his fellow Ambassadors to prepare a squash, onions and tomatoes frittata.
The most surprising experiences James has had while participating in F2S is not only learning how to “make vegetables taste not so bad at all” say James.
James is looking forward to next year and using his two years of experience as a F2S Ambassador to promote local farms and good food for everyone.


One thought on “Student Spotlight June 2014: James Barron

  1. jeff says:

    Thats my son! I am so proud of him & his dedication to “Farms to School”! Thanks to all of those involved with this program!

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