Student Spotlight: Yasmine Budman

Yasmine Budman was interested in Farm to School (F2S) even before she knew what it was.  During the Wilbanks Middle School Open House in August of last year, and at monthly taste tests following that, she expressed how much she liked food and asked how she could become an ambassador.


Yasmine Budman with Amy Mashburn, Mill Gap Farmer

Well, sure enough, when the 6th grade ambassadors were announced in January, Yasmine’s name was on the list.

Since becoming a F2S ambassador, Yasmine has worked in the school garden, loving both the planting and the harvesting.  She has assisted in creating the F2S taste test bulletin board outside of the cafeteria and represented the program by speaking to a group of visiting legislators and office holders.

When asked what she finds most surprising about being a F2S ambassador, she said that meeting the legislators who visited the school to learn about farm to school. “Its great to see the leaders of our state care about students and farmers.”

May is the last month of the school year and when asked about next year, Yasmine says that she hopes to continue as a F2S ambassador because she likes it a lot.  What does she like about it?  She likes it because it is about agriculture.  It is active.  She says it is a fun way to learn, and she gets to interact with plants and animals.

Yasmine lives in Demorest, and she loves everything about being a F2S ambassador.  From the tasting of local produce to the farm field trips.


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