Student Spotlight: Kobi Sisengchanh

Kobi Sisengchanh may speak quietly but he is very focused and talks easily about his experience as a Farm to School ambassador. Even before Farm to School, he recalled how his language arts class planted a fruit tree on school grounds at the beginning of this school year.


Kobi recently visited Trillium Farms and learned how to grow Micogreens.

Kobi’s class of eighth graders is the first group of students to attend Wilbanks Middle School for all three years. It was in the middle of his seventh grade year, winter 2013, that he was chosen to be an ambassador for the Farm to School program. He remembers his parents receiving a letter, which cited his good grades and strong work ethic.
As an ambassador, Kobi has helped plant the school gardens. He helped put together the Farm to School float for the Mountain Laurel Festival in Clarkesville in May, 2013, and he has taken cooking lessons from Chef Jamie Alred in the Wilbanks cafeteria.

Meeting new people and learning about agriculture has been Kobi’s favorite part about being a Farm to School ambassador. He has learned things that he can do at home and show others, and he enjoys helping his grandmother grow rice and other vegetables in her backyard.

Kobi will be graduating from Wilbanks in just two months. The most exciting thing that he remembers about being an ambassador is visiting local farms and seeing where the food comes from that is served at his school.


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