Farm to School Grows to 1700+ Students

Thanks to the commitment and leadership of the Habersham County middle school principals, Brent Tuck, Daphne Penick & MaryBeth Thomas all middle school students in the county are tasting local farm products in the cafeteria, growing vegetables in their school’s gardens and learning not only where their food comes from but meeting the farmers who grow it.

f2s grows 1

Principal Brent Tuck with her dedicated 7th grade teacher team during a recent farm to school teacher training.

f2s grows 3

Thanks to Craig Thurmond & his North Georgia Tech horticulture students, 12 school gardens beds have been built and are ready to GROW at North, South & Wilbanks Middle School. Thurmond pictured here at South Habersham Middle.

f2s grows 4

Students had an opportunity to taste Kale Chips and Kale Smoothies at North Habersham Middle.

f2s grows 5

Farmer Steve Whiteman describes to Wilbanks students how gravity fed irrigation works on Trillium Farm.


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